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Memorez Plaques are a special way to remember your loved ones. With your own special words and perhaps even an engraved photo of your loved one, every plaque is completely personal.

All plaques come to you engraved with the unique Memorez QR code and M-code which is a part of your Memorez account, and enables you and your family and friends to access your loved ones favourite memories instantly, through the 'Memorez Wall'.  Click here for an example

Keep your loved one close to you by scanning the QR code in your Memorez account and on the plaque, to see photos, videos, listen to music that they liked and read stories about their lives and times.

Specialty size for established or new headstones

Built to last in top quality Stainless steel

State of the art laser engraving of QR-code and M-code

Size: Starts at 60mm x 50mm for Specialised Memorez Memorial Leaf

Plaques available in the following sizes:

Small: 140 x 100mm

Medium: 200 x 140mm

Large: 250 x 180mm

Easy attachment with Liquid Nails

Free Delivery - Anywhere in the world 

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